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Family Photoshoot Launch

The outdoor family photo shoot that I offer is the perfect way to capture memories as your little ones get older. I am a big fan of capturing natural and cheeky smiles and expressions, I am not a fan of boring and samey posing! I think the natural and fun approach to my photography brings out specific personalities of each individual. I want my families to walk away from my photoshoot feeling like that was the best and most fun thing they have ever done.

Choses your favourite outdoor venue, whether that be at the park, favourite woods, lake or even in your garden. If you are not sure where to go then I have plenty of options, including woods, fields, parks, and even a sunflower field (only in season). During your photoshoot I will ask you to do lots of different poses, for example piggy backs for the older ones or 1, 2, 3 wee with the little ones. I will get you to say things to each other such as “My brother has smelly socks” or “We are cheeky”. This will bring out the natural smiles and show you and your child’s personalities.

A little bit about me, I went to university to study Wildlife Media, this explains why I love doing photoshoots outdoors! I have grown up with photography, as my Dad and brother are both amazing professional photographers. I am a fun, bubbly, energetic and I don’t take life too seriously. I am very passionate about what I do, and I believe that if you do a job that feels like a hobby it will never be a job!

I have been photographing weddings and families in my studio for the last few years.

Just as lockdown was eased I was asked by a friend to photograph her, her husband and their baby outside at a lake and I loved it! My passion for photographing families was tested, in a good way. Shooting outdoors can be difficult with sometimes harsh sources of light and a big test- the weather! However, I absolutely fell in love with it! It was so nice to be in a comfortable environment with families and capture smiles and love in such a beautiful setting. This is exactly why I love this type of photography, as it offers something totally different, unique and personal.

If you like the sound of this photoshoot then please do get in touch using the contact page, I would love to hear a little bit more about you and your family. The shoot costs £75, this includes roughly an hours photoshoot, and 15 free jpeg images. If you just can’t chose and you love all of them then there is an option to purchase more.

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